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Emotional, practical, informational support to empower you in the postnatal period.


I’ll be there to support you, your partner, family and friends. Support can mean different things to different families. Whether it’s keeping relatives at bay so you can get to know your new addition, or giving you a bit of time out to take a shower! I’ll always be there to give you the time so you can recover from birth.


I want to give you the confidence to know that you will become an expert in the care of your baby (and I know you will!). In the first few days, however, you might have concerns over lots of things, from crying, sleeping to bathing and beyond. I’ll be there to address any concerns you have and we can work together to resolve any hurdles you may encounter.


Often the biggest concern following birth, mums worry about how, when and where to feed. Ultimately you want to make sure baby is getting enough to be a happy healthy little one. I will support you regardless of your feeding choice, breast or formula. If baby isn’t latching, there are positions and techniques that can help. Getting the right ratio on formulas, and when and how to feed. Baby often knows best, they’ll give you cues that I can teach you to notice.

The most important part of my work is to really listen to you fears, concerns, and preferences in the postnatal period. Sometimes just talking things through can be like a weight lifting and you can think more clearly about what it is that you want. We’ve been doing this for thousands of years, but it can still feel like a monumental, scary, and an impossible thing. I want to build your confidence and let you know that you, and your baby can do this.

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