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What people say

Zia, Devon

I can’t recommend Lynne enough, after having a very complicated first labour I was understandably very anxious during my second pregnancy. On initially meeting Lynne I instantly felt at ease, she has a very calming presence, I felt reassured, listened to and supported to be able to achieve the natural birth I so desired the first time around. I was able to have open conversations when I felt unsure after attending pre natal appointments as Lynne was always able to put my mind at ease by simplifying professional terminology due to her extensive midwifery background. Her knowledge of what to expect, how labour would progress and suggestions for managing labour were invaluable.

stacey, Devon

Lynne supported me throughout my birth journey and was always attentive to my needs. She got to know me well at a time in my life when I especially needed help and support. I felt like any question or concern was readily addressed. She was a real asset with breast feeding support and has a vast amount of knowledge and experience to draw upon.

I highly recommend her as your Doula. She is truly amazing.

JO, Devon

Lynne was very supportive throughout my birth. I felt like I could ask for help or advise if needed for myself and children. She was always very keen to help as much as possible when I needed to contact the nurse/midwife. She gave me confidence and helped me realise I was doing everything right and that I should trust my own instincts. The day I went into labour Lynne offered myself and my partner so much support, even little things like helping take care of the other children.


Lynne always went above and beyond. She was the first person to pick up on my sons poor eyesight meaning that we were able to get him the help he needed.  Also when my youngest developed a milk allergy, Lynne helped me with finding special milk for him and helped me get him allergy tested. She really was an amazing support through the birth and beyond!

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